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Black Background


  • 50 year life expectancy – compared to 79 years in the United States

  • 3rd lowest GDP per capita in the world after the Central African Republic and Burundi

  • 3 million children under five years of age, suffer from acute malnutrition

Image by Seth Doyle

Education Statistics

  • Estimated 3.5 million of primary age children are out of school

  • 33% of children who enter the first grade will not make it past the sixth grade

  • Of those who reach 6th grade, only 75% will pass the exit exam


Image by maxime niyomwungeri

a glance

  • Population- 89 million 

  • 64% live in poverty

  • Roughly 6.7 million suffer from hunger

  • 4th most populous country in Africa

  • 19th most populous country  in the world

  • At 2.3 million square kilometers, slightly less than one-fourth the size of the United States, Congo is the second largest country in the African continent 

Image by Larry Li
  • Due to war and lack of infrastructure, necessary resources like water, become isolated and scarce in areas along the Congo

  • More than half of the Congolese live without access to clean water



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The Congo

The Congo

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