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  • 50 year life expectancy – compared to 79 years in the United States

  • 3rd lowest GDP per capita in the world after the Central African Republic and Burundi

  • 3 million children under five years of age, suffer from acute malnutrition

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Education Statistics

  • Estimated 3.5 million of primary age children are out of school

  • 33% of children who enter the first grade will not make it past the sixth grade

  • Of those who reach 6th grade, only 75% will pass the exit exam


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a glance

  • Population- 89 million 

  • 64% live in poverty

  • Roughly 6.7 million suffer from hunger

  • 4th most populous country in Africa

  • 19th most populous country  in the world

  • At 2.3 million square kilometers, slightly less than one-fourth the size of the United States, Congo is the second largest country in the African continent 

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  • Due to war and lack of infrastructure, necessary resources like water, become isolated and scarce in areas along the Congo

  • More than half of the Congolese live without access to clean water

  • 3 million children under five years of age, suffer from acute malnutrition



Black Background


Everything we do is for the glory of Jesus Christ. We are His faithful servants believing that through Him we can give a voice to the voiceless and hope to the hopeless. We aim to inspire and to serve the people of the Congo.


We at KFC believe health and education are the driving force behind change in the DRC. These two areas are key to providing the next generation an opportunity to rise out of poverty and have a promising future. We aim to equip the next generation by focusing on providing clean drinking water, an exceptional school, computer center, and a discipleship program- the Legacy Project. 

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