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Executive Director


Doug is from Kinshasa, capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Born to Pascal Kulungu and Therese Saki Kulungu, he is the second oldest of six children. Education and faith were important in the Kulungu family. Both Doug’s parents were educated; Therese is a nurse and Pascal has a Master of Arts in Peacemaking from Fresno Pacific University, which he took back with him to the Congo to work for the betterment of his people. It was his mom especially, Doug remembers, who led set his feet on the path of Christ. In the tradition of their own parents, Pascal and Therese sacrificed so Doug and his siblings would not want for anything. Raised with this spirit of service, Doug was taught at a young age to love and support his siblings and friends. It was from his parents that Doug learned to be his brothers’ keeper as they taught him of Christ’s love for people of all nations.


With the help of long-time family friends (who would become his American parents), Doug came to the United States in 2005 to pursue an education. Like his father before him, Doug attended Fresno Pacific University, where he spent two years studying English before starting his undergraduate studies in 2007, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting in 2010. Doug’s American parents gave him hope by providing him with the means to receive an exemplary education. “My story and success in America were improbable. They have changed my story, giving me a new song to sing and cherish.” Doug shared, “Like my own parents have done, my American parents loved me, cared for me and made sure that I had what I needed. They have inspired me to be a better person. My American father makes me want to be a better man, and my American mother moved me the day she embraced a young man from Congo, welcomed him into her family and called him ‘Son.’ That’s true love! Their humility and spirit of service are my motivation to do the same.”


In 2014, Doug started the nonprofit organization Kulungu For Congo. This nonprofit was created to continue the legacy of Doug’s father Pascal in the Congo. Like his father, Doug believes everybody has potential and that some people just need an opportunity to achieve. “My hope is to build schools in the Congo and to also provide scholarships for the young people of the Congo.” The combined efforts of his Congolese and American parents prepared Doug for his experience in the United States, and his life was changed as a result of the confidence that came with his education. Doug hopes to instill the same motivation and confidence in the youth of Congo. It is because of the great love he feels for his Congolese and American families that Doug has the moral obligation to give back to his community.


“To whom much is given, much is expected. I have learned that life is about giving to others. Both families have lived that life, and I am going to continue their tradition of giving by building a stronger legacy for the glory of God.” It is Doug’s greatest desire that others join him in working for a better Congo. “My American parents invested in me, so now I too will live a life of service for others. If you could just support one person, and that person one person, then we will be able to do the same for many. Kulungu For Congo believes that we can literally change people lives with education. Join us as we are building a better Congo one person, one family, and one region at the time for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.” On July 1, 2016, Doug married his long-time friend Patience Kusangila.


Communications Manager

Morgan (nicknamed Mo) was born and raised in the Central Valley. She received her degree in Media, Communications & Journalism with a focus in Public Relations From California State University, Fresno and has a huge heart for Central Valley pride #GoBulldogs. Her media background specializes in church, non-profits, university and local business media. Although Mo has never visited the Congo she is excited to bring awareness to a country that truly needs our aid and prayers. 


Gary Sells and his wife Pam have been married for over 30 years and have two adult daughters. He has been engaged in public education for 40 years as a teacher, administrator, executive coach, and school board member. Gary has enjoyed serving on boards, including the elder board, deacon board, school board, local Christian Business Mens’ Connection and the regional board of Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Gary and Pam are members of First Presbyterian Church, Fresno and have continued attending and serving since their wedding conducted there in 1982.

Gary is supportive of Kulungu For Congo and the positive potential yet to be realized in the lives of young men and women currently living in the Congo. Kulungu For Congo is dedicated to raising up young leaders for Congo’s future. Through pervasive, high quality and accessible preparatory and collegiate education, it is the intention of Kulungu For Congo to build leadership strengths and skills in the youth of Congo so that they might advance the quality of life of Congo and lead it to assume its rightful position among the most productive nations in the World



Pastor Angulus Wilson was called by the Lord into the Gospel ministry in 1991. He is married to the beautiful Sharon Wilson, and together they have shared the wonderful duty of raising three sons whom he loves dearly. Compelled to work with people in need of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ; Wilson has labored in National and International ministries. Rev. Wilson is the proud pastor of the New Beginnings Community Baptist Church of Fresno, CA. He has matriculated through several Universities of higher learning. Brother Angulus has a passion for making disciples and equipping saints for the work of ministry. He is the president and founder of the Angelos Biblical Institute, a school of evangelism to help the church to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Angulus has served Churches, and Christian Universities such as Samford University, Wheaton College, and Fresno Pacific University. He also serves on the board of Kulungu For Congo Ministry. He has been involved with KFC for 12 years. He preaches and teaches in Congo and has led mission teams to serve there on behalf of KFC. He believes in the Mission and vision of Congressman Kulungu, and for making a better life for the People of the Congo. Pastor Wilson is a friend to the preacher, and servant of the Kingdom.







Seya Lumeya currently serves as an Executive Director at the Victim Offender Reconciliation Program in Fresno. He has known Doug Kulungu for a long time and has witnessed the growth in his desire for a better Congo.  The ongoing conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo can seem like an unsolvable crisis with no hope or solution. However, history tells us that great leaders have emancipated from crisis such as this to challenge the status quo of the time.  Doug Kulungu has passion, leadership and the desire to challenge the status quo in Congo. He has raised awareness and growth of the movement by engaging friends, family, and faith groups for a better Congo.




Kevin Shehadey is married to Sonia Shehadey. Together they have four children, Krystal, Mariah, Martin, Marissa, two son-in-laws, Chadd McTeer, Darian Anderson, one daughter-in-law Mia Arambula, and three grandchildren, Jeremiah, Angelina, and Isaiah. 


Shehadey is part owner of Producer Dairy Foods which is proudly family owned. He currently holds the position of Sales Manager. As an active member of the community, Shehadey supports many great causes and non-profits. He has attended the Bridge Church for over 40 years. 


After learning more about Kulungu for Congo and the impact it was making, he wanted to be a part of its growth and to continue to nourish the lives of the beautiful Congolese people. He is blessed to be apart of the KFC team and honored to serve as a board member.





After a career as a licensed CPA, Tim found himself in the nonprofit world as a Pastor for a growing church (The Well Community) and a board member for several non-profit organizations. Eventually, he recognized a need for accounting software that meets the specific needs of nonprofits and founded Aplos Software. After meeting Doug, Tim recognized in Doug a drive, work ethic, and passion that he had to support. Tim admires Doug’s passion for the Congo and is honored to support Doug’s endeavors as a member of the Kulungu For Congo Board of Directors. Tim boasts that his most notable accomplishment is marrying his wife, Andi, the most fun, creative, and compassionate woman he’s ever met. Tim is also the proud father of daughters, Emma and Casey Jo, who keep Tim laughing and learning.


Robert Poythress currently serves as Vice President and Manager of the Madera Office of Citizens Business Bank. He is also serving a four year term (2012 to 2016) as Mayor of Madera, as well as a board member and commissioner on various government and non-profit entities. When he is not fulfilling his duties as a banker or Mayor, he enjoys spending time with family, traveling, and working out (primarily running, swimming, and lifting weights). His interest serving on the board of Kulungu For Congo stems from several trips to Africa (Kenya and Guinea-Bissau) and gaining firsthand knowledge how the people of Africa desire to live in nations where corrupt governments are replaced by leaders who embrace integrity and honor and put others first. He believes that Kulungu For Congo will play a role in not only creating better leadership for the people but through spreading the gospel message that brings eternal life.


Mike’s résumé speaks for itself! He has been the CEO of several companies including Versant, Documentum, and Evolve after a career as Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Oracle and 11 years with IBM. During his career, Mike has worked with some of the largest public organizations in the Silicon Valley in addition to emerging high-growth businesses and various start-up companies. All in all, he has played a role in starting 20 companies and businesses, both private and public, and has managed or mentored over 30 CEOs during their careers. Kulungu For Congo is indebted to Mike for continuing to share his business and nonprofit experience.


Dan Kimball worked in professional non-profit fundraising for over 20 years. He has a passion for people, the community and helping organizations improve the lives of others. He worked for Kings View Mental Health Systems, Children’s Hospital Central California, the Fresno Metropolitan Museum and currently is the Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations at Fresno State. Along with his professional responsibilities, he remains active by serving on numerous local boards, coaching youth sports and volunteering for church-related functions and activities. He has served as a keynote speaker for youth and adults and consulting for several boards and community-based organizations.


Dan and his wife Suzanne have been married for 22 years, and they have three children, one in college and two in high school. Along with spending time with family and friends, he also enjoys cooking for friends and groups, cycling, golf and traveling with his wife. He believes that ‘we are each put on this earth to be in relationship with people and to help make the world a better place’; for this reason, he supports and believes in the work of Doug Kulungu and his love for the Congo.


Artie Padilla has been serving in the nonprofit sector for 23 years in the area of youth and
community development. He currently serves locally with Every Neighborhood
Partnership as its Executive Director. He has also been a part of global mission
trips over the years. His heart grew for Africa while leading a trip to South
Africa in 2008. His connection with Doug Kulungu has grown this love for the
Congo, and he is excited to be a part of the vision to build healthy leadership
and onramps for the Congo to thrive.


Paul Gojkovich II is a former Wall Street credit markets specialist and manager. He has served as CEO of an insurance company and is an owner of a financial information software company. Paul has an AB from Wabash College (Economics) and attended The University of Vienna (Austria) and the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business 190 MBA Program. For the last five years, he has been Vice President of Advancement of Manhattan Christian Academy, raising $3,000,000 and providing unprecedented growth and stability. He serves as an Advisor for New York City’s Redeemer Presbyterian Church Center for Faith and Work and is a faculty member of How Businesses Flourish, an online course sponsored by The Colson Institute, The King’s College and other institutions. Paul finds unusual promise in Doug Kulungu because Doug is a servant-leader who has the promise of guiding change in his home country, Congo. Paul serves on Kulungu for Congo’s Advisory Board, offering guidance on growing the mission to its full potential. Paul and his wife of 37 years, Mary, live in Connecticut near their three grown children, who live and work in New York and Connecticut.




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