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Black Background


The Legacy Project was established in honor of the education Doug received in America and the family whose support made that education possible, the Hansons. The Kulungu for Congo team in the Congo, in partnership with the church, will work with the universities to provide mentorship so students are supported in their studies. The goal is to provide an exceptional learning experience that develops leaders with an in-depth understanding of the Bible, theology and Godly character. This program will train young leaders; preparing the next generation of Congolese to witness for Jesus Christ. We will partner with Christian Universities of Kinshasa, Fresno Pacific University and the Mennonite Church of Congo to better serve our students. Scholarships will cover school essentials such as computers, internet access, school fees, and books. Furthermore, students will be partnered with professionals in the United States to encourage international collaboration and friendship.

Image by Annie Spratt
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