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Water is the human body's most basic need. It is unfathomable to think that there are over 2 billion people in the world today who lack access to such a commodity. Sadly, the people of the Congo are apart of that statistic. Half of the people in Congo are drinking contaminated water. Currently in the DRC, 1 in 6 newborns die from waterborne diseases in their first three years of life and a total of 17% of the population die due to unclean water.


We want to see a reduction in infant mortality rates and an increase in life expectancy. We believe we can make this possible by providing access to clean water by way of water wells. At last, eliminating the chore and risk of collecting water from distant rivers everyday. 



Kulungu for Congo is committed to drilling 200 water wells in the villages of Kasongo - Lunda. This district has a population of roughly 1.4 million people, all of which do not have access to clean water.


With 200 water wells, nearly 500,000 people will gain access to this basic need!


$12,000 per well

Many hands make light work! So, we invite you, your small group,

church, and family to give the Congolese a taste of hope.  







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While we focus on providing the physical water to the people of Congo,

we strive to go beyond and deliver the essence of Living Water to each person we serve.


2016 : Kingwangala Water Well / Serving: 6,000 +

In 2016, KFC drilled it's first water well in the village of Kingwangala. It was intended to serve clean water to 3,000 people. As of today, 2 million gallons of water have been pumped to more than 6,000 Congolese.

 May 2021: Maigo Water Well / Serving 10,000 +/ 295 ft. drill depth

July 2021: Tambwe Tseke Water Well/ Serving 6,000+


September 2021: Panzi Water Well

October 2021: Kingwangala Water Well #2

December 2021: Kikwit Water Well / 236 ft. drill depth

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